Do you want to know detailed information about your network connection, or check the site for viruses? Here you can find or share various tests.

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Check internet connection speed, anonymity, and file upload time.

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Our tests

IP-LOGIN.COM is a free online service that provides a variety of tests to help you understand your internet connection. With our tests, you can quickly and easily measure your speed, check your anonymity, and test your file upload time.

What you’ll need

Here are just a few of the things you can do with IP-LOGIN.COM:

  • Test your internet speed: Our speed test will give you an accurate measure of your download and upload speeds.
  • Check your anonymity: Our anonymity check will tell you how easily your IP address can be traced.
  • Test your file upload time: Our file upload test will measure how long it takes to upload a file to your website or server.

IP-LOGIN.COM is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to understand their internet connection. Our tests are easy to use and provide valuable information that can help you improve your online experience.

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