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Wi-Fi Network QR Code Generator

This Wi-Fi QR code generator helps you store your routers SSID and corresponding password into a QR code and share it easily. This will help you to avoid compromised security by simplifying passwords for your guest.





Are you managing a hotspot? Many types of businesses can benefit from streamlining the Wi-Fi login process, including:

  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hotels
  • Libraries
  • Public facilities with waiting areas
  • Any other businesses that offer Wi-Fi access

As a business owner, providing Wi-Fi to your customers is essential. Traditionally, one of the easiest ways for users to connect was by having an unsecured network, eliminating the need for patrons to enter a password. However, this convenience came at the cost of network security. Not only was your network more vulnerable, but so were the users connected to it.

For some businesses with a high turnover of patrons, like grocery or department stores, this tradeoff was unavoidable. Networks without password protection and with visible SSIDs became the norm. However, many other businesses have fewer customers who stay longer. These establishments, which dont serve the general public, cant afford the risks associated with providing open access to the public. They reluctantly secured their networks with passwords, hid their SSIDs, and made the login process more challenging for both customers and staff.

Even if you are not a business owner, dealing with secure router passwords can be cumbersome. These passwords are typically long, complex, and challenging to remember. Sharing them with guests in your home becomes unnecessarily complicated. The alternative, creating simpler but less secure passwords, is not a viable solution, as compromising security for convenience is not an option for any private individual.

Fortunately, the era of trading security for convenience is over. With our innovative Wi-Fi QR code generator, you can encode your routers SSID and corresponding password into a QR code. This means that patrons at your business or guests in your home can effortlessly access your Wi-Fi network without compromising security by simplifying or removing passwords.


Securing your network with our Wi-Fi QR code generator brings with it several benefits. These benefits are of special interest to businesses such as those listed above, but even personal users securing their home network will find the tool useful.


The utility of a tool like this cannot be denied and most businesses would likely consider it to be worth a marginal fee. However, our Wi-Fi QR code generator is absolutely free for everyone and will remain so forever.


There are two ways at a tool like this needs to be easy-to-use. First, it needs to be easy for the Wi-Fi network owner to create and share their access QR code. Second, it needs to be easy for patrons and guests to log in to the network with.

Universal tool

The tool wouldnt be very useful if it only ran on a limited number of devices. Thankfully, due to the universal nature of QR codes, anyone with a device that has a camera and the capability to read QR codes can use our generator.


Weve already discussed how much more secure your network will be when you can hide your password and keep your SSID secret, but what about the QR code generator? Our generator runs entirely on the browser in JavaScript, so your sensitive information is never sent to the server.

How to Generate QR Login for Your Router

Weve told you how easy our Wi-Fi QR code generator is to use. Now well show you just how few steps it will take for you to get your patrons up and running with QR code powered Wi-Fi login.

To generate the QR code

There are only three steps required to generate a QR code that can be used to log in to your wireless network.

  • Prepare your Wi-Fi details — To generate your QR code, youll need the SSID, password, and the security protocol that your router uses. Gather these pieces of information and be prepared to enter them.
  • Generate the QR code — The tool will ask you for the information in the last step. Enter each value into the appropriate field and click the button labeled Generate QR Code.'
  • Download/Share/Print — After the tool generates your Wi-Fi QR code, share it with your guests. You can download the image and share it via electronic means or you can print it out on materials that are given to your guest.

Log in to the Network with QR

Logging in to the network couldnt be more simple as your QR code is now essentially your Wi-Fi password. All your guests need to do is scan the QR code Wi-Fi password

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