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What Is My Proxy?

As concerns over internet privacy continue to grow, many organizations and users have started using proxy servers. Without knowing what is my proxy, users continue to deploy these servers to hide my IP online.

What is my Proxy?


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What Is My Proxy?

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Most companies operate a centralized proxy server to control the traffic on the internet. It serves to ensure that unwanted sites are blocked, popular websites are cached for a faster browsing experience while also controlling the bandwidth setting.

Simply put, a proxy server helps control the gateway between you and the internet service you are using. It acts as an intermediary server and ensures the separation between you and the websites you browse.

In technical terms, the proxy server is more like a firewall or a web filter and helps you cache data to speed up your internet browsing experience.

How Does A Proxy Server Work?

One of the proxy servers main tasks is to deal with requests for an internet resource; it then finds the local cache of the previous pages and returns it to the user so that they may complete their task Р all this happens within seconds.

With a fast internet connection, this task can be completed within a second. But if the page that has been requested isnХt on the userХs cache, then the proxy server acts as an intermediary and uses its own IP address (this is done by hiding IP online which masks the original IP) and puts forward the request for the page from the server on the internet. Once the page is returned to the proxy server, it forwards it to the user and thus, completes the task.

A proxy server is also used to provide secure access. For instance, in a personal environment, a proxy server is used to provide the user with privacy and anonymity.

Why Do You Need A Proxy?

  • A proxy helps organizations and parents monitor and control what their employees or children are doing Р and can do on the internet. Hence, access can be restricted to certain sites by configuring the proxy server and denying access.
  • A proxy server can also come in handy when you wish you wish to access restricted websites. These websites may be restricted by companies or your government. To do so, log into your proxy server from a different location; for instance, if a particular website is blocked in the state of Arizona, then you can access it by changing the location setting of your proxy to another state.
  • Most individuals and organizations like to remain private on the internet; a proxy server enables them to do so by always sending requests on their behalf to the websites they want to browse Р thereby, not giving up the location from where the request has originated from.

Pro Tips

  • A good proxy server will also help save bandwidth and improve your internet speed as it can cache popular websites so when someone sends a request for it, the users can be provided the latest saved copy.
  • A good server also helps in securing your internet for you; by preventing malware-ridden sites from entering the server, you remain safe from any threat that there is on the internet.

What Is My Proxy Server Tool?

As proxy servers continue to become increasingly popular, users are becoming increasingly wary of where their internet usage. Some of the most common questions that we field are: what is my proxy server and what is my proxy port.

For this purpose, we have created a comprehensive tool to help you identify your proxy IP address. Not only What Is My Proxy Tool allows you to know whether you are accessing the internet through the proxy, but it allows you to tap into the details of your proxy server.

Sometimes, unknown to the end-user, internet service providers (ISP) deploy proxy servers to track and restrict traffic on their network. Using this tool, you can actually check if your ISP has such a proxy in place. Additionally, the tool will also direct you towards your ISP by giving them that address.

Here is a complete list of information that you can extract using our proxy tool:

  • Your proxy provider
  • Your IP address
  • Your local IP address
  • Your hostname
  • Your proxy location
  • Your browser
  • Your ISP
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