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Arris Router Login

Is your broadband connection slower than usual? 

Resetting your modem’s settings can make a big difference and result in significant enhancements in its performance.

Or do you want to change your Arris router password to something secure?

To perform any router configuration setup or to enable or disable network access and improve security measures, your Arris router login is a useful asset. Either way, you need to access the Arris login gateway.

Through this comprehensive guide, we will teach you how to use the Arris router login and Arris default password.


  • An Arris router or modem
  • Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • Any thin tool like a paperclip or pen (to push the reset button).

That’s all you need to change the router settings. The process itself is quite simple and straightforward. 

Arris Login Steps

The Arris router web interface is your router's control panel. To make any changes to your device settings, you must first log in to your Arris router. Below we will provide three straightforward steps for an Arris router login.

1 Connect To The Arris Network

To set up any router, you must stay connected to its network. You can reach the setup pages of the Arris router either through an ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection. You can connect to the wired or wireless network using your phone or computer. 

We suggest using an Ethernet cable if you do not know the Arris router password, which won’t need a password. However, if you are using a Wi-Fi connection, locate your SSID (Network Name) and Wi-Fi key and connect to that network on your device. Both these credentials are printed on a sticker located on the front or side of the router.  

2 Navigate To Your Router IP

Open a web browser and enter the router IP in the address bar. For different router models, there is a possibility that the router IP address is not the same. In most cases, the Router IP is or You can simply copy and paste these links into the address bar and access the administrator settings panel: 

3 Enter The Default Login Information

In the username and password fields, enter the printed values on the sticker at the side or bottom of your router. If you cannot locate the sticker don’t give up hope yet. You can find the list of the Arris default password and username for different router models below.

Once you enter the correct credentials, click the Enter or Sign In button. 

This completes the Arris login process and takes you to the router control panel. You can now enjoy the benefits of custom router configurations. 

How to Reset Arris Routers

An Arris router reset has its perks, but there is one crucial aspect you cannot ignore. When you reset your device settings, all the changes you made will be cleared. 

Arris makes it easy for its customers to reset their device settings by providing two distinct approaches. Both the methods are given below with steps to completely reset the device settings.

Using the Reset Button 

Most Arris routers can be reset using the reset button at the bottom of the device. If you are facing a tough time locating the reset button, go through the user manual. The manuals include all details regarding the Arris login, and Arris router reset procedures, including the position of the reset button. 

  1. Locate the Reset button on your device. If unable to find it, then search online for your router model. 
  2. Once you detect the button, press and hold it for a minimum of 15 seconds. (You may need a pen or paperclip as the button may be difficult to reach with your fingers. This is a trick adopted by most manufacturers to avoid pressing the button by mistake.)
  3. Wait for the reset process to finish, and that’s it. 

This is as simple as it gets when resetting your Arris router. If this method is not working for you, then use this next technique for an Arris router reset.

Using the Web Interface 

You can also reset a router using the Arris web interface. This is a little more complex than simply pressing the reset button but a surefire way to trigger a reset. 

  1. Log in to the Arris router using the Router IP of your model.
  2. Locate the interface labeled Utilities. This may vary based on your router model.
  3. Go to the factory reset option and reset the device to default settings.
  4. Wait until the Arris router reset finishes, and that’s all.

Using these two simple approaches, you can successfully reset your Arris router. Now, let’s move on to the Arris login procedure.

Configuring Your Arris Router

After you are logged into the Arris admin interface, you can make any change that you want from the available settings. But be careful not to break the connection while messing with the factory settings of your router. 

We recommend writing down all the current settings before making any changes. This lets you easily revert the settings in case of mishaps. 

What if the router stops working after you modify the settings?

In case you make a mistake, you can always reset the router using the two approaches we defined above. This should be your last resort, as the reset process can take a while and clear any current settings. 

If you still have access to the Arris interface, then try to revert the settings to what you wrote down previously. But when there is no alternative, and you have made a change that broke your Arris network, a reset is your only option. 


In case you are experiencing an infinite slowness in your broadband connection, try factory resetting your router. To reach the admin control panel, you have to log in to the Arris web interface. You can do this using the user ID, and key printed on your device or use the list we provided above. 

FAQ Brands

1. What is the username and password of Arris routers?

The majority of the Arris routers have a default username of admin and a default password of admin

2. What is the default password of a Arris router?

The majority of the Arris routers have the default password admin

3. What is the default IP of a Arris router?

The majority of the Arris routers use as the default IP address

4. How to log in to a Arris router?

First, type the router’s IP address in your browser address bar, Then, enter your router username and password, and then click OK or LOGIN. Above, you can find the most probable default credentials.

5. How to troubleshoot a Arris router?

First check if the WAN cable is connected to the correct port of the router which is labelled as “WAN”. Then check if you are connected either by using the Wi-Fi network or a LAN cable connected to a LAN-labelled port of the router.

6. How to reset Arris router login password?

Resetting the admin password of most Arris routers is simple and requires pushing a reset button, located on the router itself, for 5 to 10 seconds.

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